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Welcome to Desert Health and Wellness located in Rancho Mirage. Chiropractic is one of the most amazing healthcare professions, but very few people understand what it's all about. This article is here to help you gain a basic understanding of how our Rancho Mirage chiropractors can help you and your family.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help You?

Chiropractic care is the practice of using spinal alignment to alleviate a wide variety of physical ailments, including muscle strain, neck pain, chronic back pain, and more. This is accomplished by adjusting the position of the spinal column to its proper shape, providing a non-invasive solution for pain relief.

Many people dismiss chiropractic as being something only for back pain, but chiropractic treatment can be used to treat a wide variety of physical issues, such as migraines and headaches, chronic pain, carpal tunnel, pain due to injury or muscle strain, and much more.

We offer a variety of services to best serve you

Chiropractic Rancho Mirage CA Massage Therapy


Massage is one of the oldest healing arts with many variations. Registered Massage Therapists utilize a combination of techniques to reduce stress and fatigue while promoting circulation.

Chiropractic Rancho Mirage CA Neural Reset Therapy


Proper application of NRT resets the nervous system to release a muscle from excessive tension. With the reset, the knots, pain, and tightness are gone.

Chiropractic Rancho Mirage CA Cupping


Cupping, also known as Myofascial Decompression (MFD), is a manual therapy technique that combines the use of soft tissue decompression and movement to restore soft tissue health.

Chiropractic Rancho Mirage CA Orthotics


Orthotics provide foot stability which will help maintain and correct postural alignment.

Chiropractic Rancho Mirage CA Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy prevents or diminishes some of the physical problems that are associated with injury, disease, disability, birth defects or long periods of inactivity.

Chiropractic Rancho Mirage CA Lose Weight


Physiotherapy prevents or diminishes some of the physical problems that are associated with injury, disease, disability, birth defects or long periods of inactivity.

The History of Chiropractic Care

The word “Chiropractic” is derived from the Greek words “cheir” (hand) and “praktos” (done) combined to mean “done by hand.” It was chosen by the developer of chiropractic care, Daniel David Palmer. In 1895, D.D. Palmer performed a chiropractic adjustment on a partially deaf janitor, Harvey Lillard, who later reported that his hearing had improved due to the change.

D.D. Palmer opened the first chiropractic school two years later, and in the century since, chiropractic professionals have used spinal adjustments to help people prevent and cope with back pain, carpal tunnel, muscle strain, headaches and migraines, and a variety of other physical ailments. Millions of people benefit from the work of Dr. Palmer today.

What Kind of Training Does a Chiropractor Have?

Chiropractic doctors go through a minimum of four years of schooling at a chiropractic college, generally preceded by an undergraduate degree in the basic sciences or several years of experience in a prior relevant health care field.

Students of chiropractic care must spend a minimum of at least 4,200 hours with their teacher, and a minimum of 1,000 hours of fully supervised clinical training with an instructor as they learn the appropriate diagnosis and treatment techniques to help heal your body and restore it to its natural, fully functioning state.

At Desert Health and Wellness our chiropractic team is ready to meet with you to discuss your needs. We will help to design a program that is right for you. We look forward to meeting you.